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Inspired on the Tarot card with the same name, Number 0, a character full of innocent hope and fatal surrender.

The Fool teaches us that even in death we cannot lose anything that is truly ours.


Painted during the 2018 Visionary Painting Intensive under the guidance of Alex and Allyson Grey.


This painting talks about rising above your inner demons and embracing your divine nature.


Representing the warrior within us, the force that carries us through our darkest moments.


She is wearing flower armor showing the strength in vulnerability.

Masculinity is caring and sweet, open to the world.


Look within and be receptive to what may come.


Goddess Earth holds the Cosmos in her center.


We are made in her likeness: 

divine beings in earthly bodies.


If we are to be whole, we must have a light and a dark side.

Empowerment is integration and acceptance of the whole being.


The spirit of Mother Ayahuasca and medicine songs in the jungle.

Painted at Chris Dyer's 2019 Art & Medicine Retreat in Perú.

 Under the guidance of Mauro Reátegui.


The wound is where the light enters you.

Intuitive self portrait using the “alla prima” technique and mirror as reference.

Made overnight under the influence of sacred mushrooms.

Mural on the sweat lodge of beautiful holistic center "Villas Xichú" in San Miguel de Allende.


Powerful temazcal with the wise medicine of the Grandmothers.


The beautiful romance between lunar and solar forces is a miracle within us.

Mural at Pacha MoMA visionary art museum in Mexico.


Grandma Earth's sweet and brief caress on our long journey as wandering stardust.


My own grandmother and beloved art teacher appears as Earth on this painting.


Awake and penetrating the Sun infuses life and passion in all that he touches.

Fire of new beginnings, seed of inspiration.

Part of a private collection in Mexico.

Gallery: Proyectos
aya wou tem
fau tie temp
pach abu sol
ali pers self
fool high warr

Loving guide in Wonderland.

This painting pictures the moment where I wake up from a Bufo Alvarius ceremony (5-MeO-DMT) accompanied by a woman named Alicia.

Goddess of spring embracing her shadow as initiation.

Blooming from the dark dephts.


Also goddess of the Underworld.

Sacred death and rebirth.

Magical portal of reconnection to the sacred art of painting.

Awakening to a new vision.


higher self
Sphinx Vasalisa 2020.jpg

The Shapeshifter Goddess is fearsome, for she represents the dual nature of life and death.⁣

Facing the Sphinx is to realize we are already dying, annihilation and life force riddle her eyes, and behind her fatal enigma comes the realization of infinitude.⁣

Sonqo Pacha.jpg

Deep into the beating heart of earth, a warm embrace from the mountain Goddess nurtures new life. 

The Sun watching over it all, we are never alone.


Sonqo Pacha means Heart of the Earth in Quechua. 


In the depths of all reality lies a dark force, consuming everything in its path.

Surrendering to the shadows in all vulnerability is a test of courage.

A trusting heart will lead the way to victory.

sonqo pacha
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