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Bio: Sobre mi
artista vasalisa

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 2018.


Elisa Pérez O'Connor (1989 - México) is a multidisciplinary artist also known by her artistic name Vasalisa, she specializes in oil painting and tattoo.

She starts her journey in art at a very early age through learning traditional painting techniques from her grandmother, who was a classical painter. It is in this stage of her life that she discovers her love for the visual arts. 

young vasalisa painting

1992 at the age of 3

young vasalisa painting

1994 at the age of 5

At the beginning of her professional carrer she enrolls in the School of Fine Arts of Guanajuato, though eventually she leaves such institution and continues her professional studies with different teachers from Mexico and other countries.

In 2017 and 2018 she studies a diploma in Diverse Techniques with Mexican master Oliver Esquivel and a diploma in Drawing with the Spanish master Concepción Pombo de Amuchástegui (COPORI).

In 2018 she is selected to participate in the Visionary Painting Intensive with internationally renowned masters and important figures of psychedelic pop culture Alex Grey and Allyson Grey.

vasalisa chapel of sacred mirrors

2018, Visionary Painting Intensive group

vasalisa y alex grey

2018, with master Alex Grey

After that, in the year 2019 she participated in the Art and Medicine retreat in Peru led by Chris Dyer and in 2020 and 2021 she enrolled in the virtual classes Transformations and Reflections led by master Amanda Sage.

She eventually gets involved in the Vision Train, an international artistic movement, and she also has participated in diverse national, international and virtual art exhibitions. 


Her topics of interest revolve around mysticism, ancestral symbolism, and the human search for purpose, transforming personal stories in impactful images.

vasalisa artist

2021, Guatemala

vasalisa y chris dyer

2019, with Chris Dyer

Recently, she has turned her focus to studying tattoing and doing art on skin, traveling in 2021 to Guatemala to start her tattoo training, complementing with diverse virtual courses and currently in 2022 enrolling in a professional tattoo artist certification in Arcadia Studio in Mexico City. 

She currently lives in the state of Oaxaca, dividing her time between the coast and the southern mountains, where she works on her art and offers tattoo appointments.

tattoo artist vasalisa

2021, tattooing

vasalisa en su estudio de arte oaxaca

2022, art studio in the Oaxaca mountains

ecstatic dance mazunte

2021, live painting at Ecstatic Dance Mazunte

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