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Demo recorded aboard the Vision Train


This Figure Painting Demo features a long conversation had aboard the Visionary Artists' 24/7 ZOOM call, known as the Non-Stop Vision Train Global Art Jam.

It guides the viewer step by step through the initial stages of doing a figure painting.

It's been edited and enhanced with visual aids and notes, and it is recommended for intermediate and beginner painters.

We dive into the technical aspects such as shooting reference pictures, gridding, mixing colors and painting.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate painters.

10 usd

Purchase will grant you access to the full recording divided in 3 parts, over 2 hours of footage in total.

It also includes two original reference pictures with grids that can be used to paint along with the recording if desired.

Partial proceeds go support the Vision Train Movement.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the private link.

For technical support regarding this product please email

For more information regarding the Vision Train CLICK HERE.

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