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greek · ψυχή psychḗ

'breath, life, soul'

My paintings are realist expressions of abstract forces, archetypical emotions in human bodies and oniric landscapes. 


I usually paint portraits using oil paints and traditional techniques. A lot of layering and planning go into each piece to achieve the final effect, integrating spiritual and physical realities.


My intention is to explore the complex emotions that comprise our shared journey, using portraiture to express divine energies in order to touch the soul of the viewer and remind us both of our trascendental nature. 


I am fascinated by how the personal and ancestral symbolism play with each other within the psyche, giving birth to mystical characters. Deities alive in the collective unconscious, cosmic forces given shape for the observer to relate and reflect. 


I’m deeply influenced by mysticism, mythology and psychology, the search for purpose through symbols and how the Great Mystery expresses itself in this realm through beauty and magic. 

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Video by Adrian Landeros, 2020

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